How Does Multichannel Marketing Change Your Content Strategy?

Though multichannel marketing has been around for a while, that doesn’t mean it’s become any easier to figure out. Adding digital and mobile environments—website, blogs, display ads, emails, SMS messages, and social media—to traditional channels, like print media and television, means considerable work for marketers. However, that work pays off as multichannel marketing offers opportunities […]

Eight simple steps to write epic product descriptions that boost conversions

30-second summary: Issues with increasing your site’s organic traffic may be attributed to low organic CTRs. Creative title tags helps your site create a positive first impression. Limit your meta description to under 160 characters to avoid truncation. A well-optimized, keyword-rich URL can increase organic CTRs by 45%. Leverage the power of rich results to […]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Pitch Email

Posted by amandamilligan If you need to get backlinks and generate brand awareness for clients, a great way to start is by creating original research and then pitching that research to writers. But the promotion of your work is probably the trickiest part, and a lot of it comes down to the pitch email you […]