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7 Ways to Tighten Up the Teamwork Between Marketing and Sales

Better teamwork between marketing and sales serves to better help customers with solutions and information that can make a difference at their jobs. It also keeps one side form repeating the messaging done by the other and re-enforces a stronger and more unified brand message.

Here’s seven ways to encourage even greater collaboration between marketing and sales.

1. Compare notes 

Both marketing and sales have different experiences when it comes to understanding the customer journey. Sharing what each department knows in terms of customer behavior and contact information can help improve the tactics designed for those customers by each department. Other information to share can include insights on issues customers might be facing and direction on how to revise customer experience strategies accordingly. 

2. Regularly contact

An initial call between departments is good. But, it’s more effective to set up regular monthly conference calls. These ongoing sessions help those in each department to get to know each other better than solely relying on email communication for interactions.    

3. Create together 

Nothing brings people closer together outside of clear, regular communication and mutual respect than creativity. Sales and marketing can become closer by creating together through brainstorming sessions and shared content development. Using each other’s customer, marketing, and competition intelligence can result in even more targeted content that engages the customer base.

However, both sales and marketing teams have to be open to suggestions and revisions, looking at the creative process as a group effort. One idea and suggestion can spark further creative changes that vastly improve the content than developing it individually. 

4. Show appreciation

Both sides should take the time to show appreciation and thank the other for their help when a project goes well due to a collaborative effort. Letting the other team know how they helped engages them and can tighten teamwork even more going forward. 

5. Maintain social connections

Not every interaction between marketing and sales has to be about work. Mutual understanding and respect come from connecting with each over video calls on Zoom, email, or even on a communication service like Slack. You can get to know each other as people and understand each other better, which will foster tighter teamwork.

6. Add tools that help deepen bonds

Even though there are numerous collaboration tools and platforms available doesn’t mean you need them all. Instead, look for those tools that your marketing and sales teams feel are right for their communication and joint project needs. For example, decide what software can facilitate information sharing, check-ins, and project updates based on what both teams’ specific needs are.

7. Review and reflect 

As your marketing and sales teams work together more, they will have a better understanding of what can be shared or done to improve the working relationship and realize their shared goals. They can also look back and reflect on their efforts to make the proper adjustments in their work going forward.


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