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Creating A Brand Voice – Deliver!

 One of the things that Evolution Point does very well (amongst other things) is that we help create very distinct brands for our clients. The brand voice of each company or product should be unique, distinctive and memorable. Here are several suggestions on how to develop your marketing brand voice. Second –

2. Deliver On Your Promise

It’s easy to claim something about your company or product. But can you deliver? Always back up benefits with proof points. Why can you make those claims? What capabilities do you offer that make me believe you can lower my costs, increase my sales, remove my wrinkles, lower my blood pressure?

Proof points can be your actual features or offerings, but they can also be industry statistics, press accolades, awards, customer testimonials (social proof), or specific tests or ROI studies done on your products or services.

Back up your benefits with proof points and clearly state your differentiators from “the other guys” so we know you are more than empty marketing promises.