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Creating a Brand Voice – Personalize!

One of the things that Evolution Point does very well (amongst other things) is that we help create very distinct brands for our clients. The brand voice of each company or product should be unique, distinctive and memorable. Here are several suggestions on how to develop your marketing brand voice. Finally –

3. Personalize and talk naturally.

There are just way too many jargons being thrown around on websites, brochures, press releases and other marketing materials. “Best of breed” – what does that even mean? Who talks like that in meetings or in social conversations? Your copy and messaging should speak directly to the person reading it in a brochure or on a Web page. What kind of human does your company sound like? What is your brand personality? Formal and conservative? Perhaps that is appropriate to your market or audience. Or maybe you’re whimsical and sassy.

You can use brand voice to stand out from the masses and engage a prospect on a more human level. Sure, you may have to adapt to the language of your audience or industry, but that is why your brand strategy should reflect your ideal customer in sharp detail. That way, when you “speak” through your messaging, you immediately connect with the person more intimately and you can stand apart.