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Creating A Brand Voice – Visualize

One of the things that Evolution Point does very well (amongst other things) is that we help create very distinct brands for our clients. The brand voice of each company or product should be unique, distinctive and memorable. Here are several suggestions on how to develop your marketing brand voice. First –

1. Learn to Dream and Visualize (for them, not you)

Too many companies get caught up in talking about they do, sell, offer, or provide. They dazzle prospects with talk of features or a laundry list of services. But customers don’t care about you or your products. They care about what’s in it for them: How does your product or service make my life better, my family safer, my body healthier, my business more successful, my job easier, or my bottom line bigger?

Lead with benefits from the customer’s point of view, not just bragging about features. If they have to ask, “What does that do for me?” then you have not landed on the benefit yet. I like to play a little game with my clients called “So what?” For every supposed “benefit” they cite, I continue probing with the question, “So why does that matter to them?” until we finally land on the true benefit. Amazingly, they often go from starting the sentence with “We offer” to “You get,” and that’s how you know you’re there.

Create a vision for what life or work will be like when they use your products or services. Then you can link them to proof points about why you are able to make those claims through the features you offer. Remember, make your messaging about them, not you!