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Evolution Point Is On The Move

2016 News from Evolution Point

We are on the move!
Evolution Point kicks off this new year with a new location.

Our new office is in the historic Feather Loft building on the Kinzie industrial corridor of Chicago. A gorgeous 6 story brick building built in the late 1800’s, it has a peaceful and vibrant energy perfectly suited as an art studio building. It houses over 50 private studios used by many different types of artists for various disciplines: painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, glass-blowing, woodworking – just to name a few. It holds an annual Open Studio to give artists the opportunity to showcase their work to the public and meet other artists in the building.

Our office, located on the top floor, is the penthouse area and was upgraded and designed as the building’s “professional level”. It has sandblasted raw brick walls and a shared full kitchen and bath with loft ceilings and hardwood / accoutrement galore.

We would love to have you visit us to discuss your company’s current marketing initiatives. Let us show you how we evolved to be of service to {$companyname!”you”}.

Evolution Point, LLC
355 N. Laflin Street, Suite 601
Chicago IL 60607-1209