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How To Increase Response Rates for Contact Forms – Use Fewer Form Fields

Contact forms are the gateways between your marketing website and the outside world. While there are many interaction points and forms on a site, the contact form is the place where users come to connect directly with you. Improving the conversion rate of your contact form can mean big things for your business, marketing engagement, sales and revenues. Here are some tips on how to increase your response rates of contact forms on your website. 

Lesson #1: Fewer form fields

In many things, simple wins over complex. Dan Zarrella at HubSpot recently researched the contact forms of 40,000 of their customers and found that conversion rate improves by almost half when the number of form fields are reduced from four fields to three. Stop and read that again: eliminate one form field and increase conversion by 50%.

The key lesson is this: if the form is easier to fill and submit, the greater the chance of someone completing the form and submitting it to the website. Make it more difficult, you will lose the interest of the user.

Make the experience a better one, and you’ll find that communication and conversion will both improve. A higher conversion rate on your contact form can mean big things for your business: from new customers to new raving fans to new business deals and more, a high-converting contact form is an important aspect of any successful online presence.

If you need more assistance in creating effective web forms for your website, contact us. We are more than happy to take a look and give you pointers.