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Ideas to Increase Engagement In Your Marketing

The key point of digital marketing is to increase engagement with your existing and potential customers. Through the years, we have amassed a number of tips and pointers on what works in encouraging engagement with your demographic. Here are 10 marketing suggestions:

Clean Data: You can’t engage your customers if your data is wrong, and B2B data degrades at the rate of 3-6% per month.  The number one way to clean data—this will surprise you—is to key enter the data correctly in the first place.  Train your personnel to follow the input editing standards of your database, and use address-checking software at the point of entry to promote deliverability.

Pick up the phone and call: B2B telemarketing is still works really well. Not just for lead generation, but as part of the overall cultivation strategy. We have seen success with cultivation and nurturing through a highly personalized outreach. This outreach builds engagement and can allow you to identify obstacles and barriers to sale.

Give your customers an experience: Create a customer experience zone to help showcase technology that can help showcase how your solutions can solve their pain points and help them experience the brand.

Gamification: Gamification is not just a buzz word, it is working for —and in some cases replacing— other loyalty programs. B2B marketers are increasingly using gamification techniques to decrease abandon rates on surveys and forms, and to keep customers on their websites. They are also replacing traditional points based transaction loyalty by motivating and rewarding engagement activity.

Direct mail: Used in an effective manner as part of a multi-channel stream, it provides value. It is tangible, breaks through the clutter and provides staying power/reminder, great visibility. Consider high-impact dimensional pieces for high value prospects sent in a two-step incentive process—they get half the incentive in the mailing and the other half when they meet with the vendor.

Progressive profiling: Today we are seeing less and less data capture upfront, and more and more unfiltered inquiries entering the pipeline. You need a way to capture valuable contact information over time. So you need to execute multi-channel, integrated communications, collecting smaller pieces of information over time.

Don’t over-analyze: Pick three things you want to know, and stick with the basics. You will be surprised how much you can learn. I would start with the goals for a campaign and did the effort meet them. This should be a financial, measurable metric. Then ask yourself, what worked best and why, and what failed or didn’t meet expectations? And lastly, what will you do differently next time? Make sure your answers are insights from your data reporting and analysis and not opinions.

Customer areas:  Encourage your customers to maintain their own data on your website.  Build a password-protected customer area, where they can manage the data you have on them, and indicate how they want to hear from you.  You might consider offering an incentive, whether better terms or a discount, to obtain higher levels of compliance.

Mentorship Programs: Show your clients you value them by making them your internal champions. Get them to come in and coach your teams on their industries. The more they feel invested in your brand, the more they will support you.

Digestible Content
: Provide at-a-glance, digestible value-add content, such as lists, infographics to prospects and customers. As part of this, provide content that is also usable and shareable with end users so B2B clients/prospects can be prepared to start a conversation with their clients.

Content Workshops: Client workshops where customers can meet their peers are invaluable. Whether you run one-day intensives or four-day events, workshops can position your brand as a thought leader on industry issues and give your customers ideas they can take back to the office. Nothing works like workshops.

Need any assistance in executing any of these engagement techniques? Contact Evolution Point, a full-service Chicago Marketing Agency. We will be more than happy to help you in your success.