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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Increase Email Marketing Conversions

Email Marketing is still alive and well, and is proven to be a great inbound marketing channel. It also converts better than search and social, based on research done by Montetate. Spending on email marketing is projected to reach $2.5 billion by 2016, but even all that money doesn’t guarantee conversions.

Check out this infographic. Some points to highlight – 

  • Email marketing still leads in conversion when compared to social media channels like Twitter and search marketing.
  • Avoid “batch-and-blast”. The emails need to be segmented to provide the right interest to the correct segments. This means, figuring out active vs inactive customers, local vs international customers and also targeting appropriate sales to the correct customers. 
  • Ensure consistency between products featured in the email and on a landing page. This avoids confusing the customer and increase relevance, and improves your customer’s likelihood to convert.
  • Interestingly, many of the emails are opened using alternate devices like tablets, phones and other mobile devices. The email format needs to accommodate all these devices.