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INFOGRAPHIC: Web Design and Web Development Trends of 2013

Sometimes it is good to take a look at the overall trends that is happening in 2013. Here is an infographic by OnMedia based on a survey of designers done by Awwwards,org. Admittedly this is not a scientific survey and the results are anecdotal but it does provide a sense of the design and development trends of 2013. 


Web Design and Web Development Trends of 2013

Transcript of the Infographic is as follows:


Content needs to be Efficient, Searchable, Accessible, Multi-platform with the design built around it.


Less is More! Designs need to be bold & clear, easy to read, easy to navigate and provide more space. Simplification is key to content and visuals.

3. UX Centered Design

Designs needs to have a great user experience by looking from the users point of view. The design needs to be scalable, fast and intuitive.

4. App Style Interface

Design are inspired by apps. The design is an imitation of app style interface because it simplifies the user experience.

5. Unification

Apps will no longer be the lite version. There is a push for consistency in desktop and mobile web.

6 Responsiveness

Since the design is ux centered, technology standards like SVG, Webfonts, Typography and icons are becoming widespread.

7. Flat Colors

8. Technology Agnostics

Since the website is viewed by many types of devices, the technology used needs to be technology agnostics. As examples: CSS 3D, HTML5 Node.js.

9. Device Sensors

By being aware of different devices, designs are centered around how they operate. These include experimentation, innovation, touch-enabled, speed-based.

10. New Platforms