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Many companies have tried to rejuvenate their business now that the economy is opening up, but failed. There are many reasons why this happens but there is ONE thing that you can do to get back on track to success – Run a deep comprehensive website audit.

Your website is the hub of potential customer engagement. Without a good website, all other efforts becomes ineffective. Do it now! It’s FREE, and get a FREE one-hour, no-obligation follow-up marketing consultation on how to get your company going again.

Have questions? Here are some answers!

When you fill in your domain name and email address, an intelligent bot will crawl your entire website up to 25 pages to generate the website audit. It is a deep analysis so it may take up to an hour before it emails you the report.
Unlike other online website audits that you may have used previously, this audit does a full website audit up to 25 pages. Most other audits only audit the one page that you submitted (usually the home page). Our audit digs a lot deeper than the first page. It crawls through the entire website to give you a better understanding on how to improve your website, not just the home page. As a result, the audit may take up to an hour. Once the audit is done, it emails you the audit to the email address specified.

Good question! The domain URL is what the intelligent bot uses to crawl your website. Unlike other online audits that only analyses the page that you submitted, this audit analyses the top 25 pages of your website. You need to submit the root, top level domain name of your website for this audit to be effective.

We will only use the information to communicate and engage with you. We do not sell / give your information to anyone else. We do not use your email internally for anything else besides to communicate with you about the audit. We won’t even put your email information on our mailing list.

This is a FREE, no-obligation audit to help you kick-start your marketing efforts effectively. The audit takes up to an hour to complete. Once the audit is done, it will be delivered to the email address that you had specified. Within a day, we will follow up with an email with our contact information. If you need help interpreting the audit, respond to our email to set up a free, no-obligation consultation call to go over your audit.

When you respond to our email after the audit, we will set up a time to chat. This is a free, no-obligation consultation (we don’t do high-pressure sales – that’s not who we are or what we do). Once we receive your interest, we will commit to reviewing your audit, manually checking your website, and looking up your social media assets to have a better understanding of your company. We do this so that we can provide you the best advice based on our understanding of your needs.

Similar to the audit, if you feel that the consultation is enough to kick-start your marketing efforts, it ends our engagement with you (you can give us a 5-star review on Google Business if you like here!). We would love to have you as one of our happy long-term clients, but that is not a requirement.

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Google Business Review:
Evolution Point has been my go-to resource for digital development for 15+ years. They are not only very knowledgeable of current trends and best practices but also technology across many platforms. Many times, they have been able to resolve problems or find solutions others could not. Easy to work with and very flexible, I highly recommend.
Gary C.
Owner, Carbon3Sixty
Google Business Review:
Selecting Evolution Point for our marketing agency and related needs was and still is a perfect choice. Reuben and his team make sure we are trained to keep our website up-to-date and they are always on stand-by for the more complicated action items. Reuben has become a trusted advisor for all digital and marketing initiatives.
Michele W.
Business Development, Waldmann
Google Business Review:
I have worked with Reuben Chew and Evolution Point since 2008 with our website design and marketing. EP has done a wonderful job taking our website from a small informational site to a site that is now doing on-line selling. Evolution Point is professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with and they respond quickly. I highly recommend their services! My company will continue to work with EP in the future
Pamela S.
President, AFC International
Google Business Review:
Ripack has been working with Evolution Point for several years now and we cannot say enough about the great service we receive from them. Reuben of Evolution Point has gone above and beyond to help us with our web presence here in North America and around the world! Whatever we need, they make is work for us and our customers. Thanks!
Andru R.
Sales & Marketing, Ripack USA
Google Business Review:
We have worked with Evolution Point for many years. They are knowledgeable, affordable, and easy to work with. They have come through for us in any emergency, day or night, regardless of schedules or time zones, and are a pleasure to collaborate with. Highly recommended!
Karen C.
Global Marketing, Daubert Cromwell
Google Business Review:
The amount of meetings, advice and help that Reuben had given us for free before we decided to be his client is incredible. He had never once pushed us into a contract or project that we don't need. We have been with his company for over 6 years, and never regretted it. Highly recommend him and Evolution Point!
James D.
Marketing Director, Clay Manufacturing

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