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Marketing Automation Tips – Clean up your CRM

Marketing Automation Tips – Clean up your CRM 

Marketing Automation Tip - Clean Up Your CRMThis is an on-going series on tips on how making your marketing automation work more efficiently and effectively. As I get more tips and hints, I will post it in this thread. Today’s tip – 

Clean Up Your CRM

You would think that this is rather obvious since you are trying to automate your marketing lead management. The first thing to do is to ensure that the information in your CRM (customer relationship management) database is clean.  A clean CRM is important, because your marketing automation software will synch with your CRM, and if you have a lot of duplicates on the lists you import, you’ll have a mess on your hands.

Imagine that someone has come to your site and registered for an e-book, and you’ve converted the lead to a contact. Without marketing automation, when they come back to your site, they have to register again (and again and again), which means the same contact could be in your database, as both a lead and a contact, several times.

Make sure you convert all leads to contacts as appropriate, delete duplicate records, associate contacts with accounts, and clean up all your account names. For example, contacts from FedEx might be in your database as Fed Ex, Federal Express, FedExpress—but they are all the same account.

Merge, purge, delete, convert—do whatever you have to do so that the list you are importing into your marketing automation software is as clean as possible.