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Mobilize Your Marketing by Using a QR Code!

Consumers are on the go with limited time as they pass from here to there. Make it easy for them to reach you through mobile marketing with QR codes. Add these little squares of techy brilliance to bags, signage, brochures, or whatever your heart desires. Treat customers to daily offers, surveys, product information – the list is endless.

Here is an example of a QR Code that links back to our website.



Using a QR Code, for most part, is free. You can generate a QR Code using readily available tools online. Here are a few links to generate your QR Code –


  • QR Code Generator –
  • Kaywa –
  • QR Stuff –


So try it out! Use the QR Code to call a phone number, to link back to your website, to see a short message in text, or to send an SMS. It’s a very useful thing.