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Must-Haves for Effective Content Marketing

Getting the right mix for your content marketing strategy isn’t easy. There are so many marketing choices and channels—so little time and wiggle room for blunders. There is a bit of trial and error involved in fine-tuning any marketing strategy, especially in social media with its emphasis on content

Here are some must-have’s to make content marketing more effective – 

Conversion optimized website content. 

All content written and published needs to have some call to action (ie. conversion). What’s the point of driving people to your website with  relevent and interesting content when there is no conversion into something better? Conversion optimized website content is the absolute must-have of all things marketing. Conversion optimized website content trumps SEO content because top search engine rankings are for naught if your traffic isn’t converted into leads. 

A blog

Or more important, a channel that allows content to be easily updated on the website. Have a content calendar and someone who owns it. In the beginning, everyone wants to contribute. The reality is that excitement dwindles. If you want to be consistent, you need a content calendar and someone empowered to drive its implementation.

Concise and logical promotional plan. 

What’s the point of writing content when you can’t tell people about it? So find ways to promote your content. The most common is to use some kind of social media strategy. Your social media strategy must reach customers where and how they want to be reached and have a clear message and policy to guide it. 

Press releases

By nature, press releases are news and news leans to credibility. Press releases can establish you as an authority. As an authority, the media can turn to you when they need a “credible source.” Press releases are your chance to turn the media spotlight on you and your business. Distribute press releases on a regular basis to build familiarity among the press.

If you have any questions about content marketing, maybe we can help. Contact us and ask. We won’t bite.