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The Highest Impact Email Marketing Trends of 2020

To help you determine your email marketing priorities for 2020, we surveyed our more than 500 consultants about 26 tactics and technologies. They rated each one for its current adoption and its impact it will have in 2020. We then organized them into adoption-impact quadrants.

In our low adoption–low impact quadrant, we have our Unproven Opportunities. Four of the 26 trends fell into this bucket.

In our low adoption–high impact quadrant, we have our Competitive Differentiators. Fourteen of our 26 trends are in this group.

In our high adoption–high impact quadrant, we have our Proven Essentials. Eight of our 26 trends are here.

In our high adoption–low impact quadrant, we have our Established Commodities. None of the trends we asked about ended up in this quadrant—which is great, since we wanted to focus on up-and-coming trends and those that are having a high impact.

While you can learn more about each of those trends via the links above, in this 49-minute on-demand webinar we wanted to focus on those email marketing tactics and technologies that our consultants said would have the highest impact this year. Those trends that were in the upper half of our Competitive Differentiators and Proven Essentials quadrants in terms of impact include:

  1. AI-powered content recommendations

  2. Omnichannel orchestration

  3. Send time optimization

  4. Email segmentation

  5. Email personalization

  6. Legal compliance (CCPA, GDPR, etc.)

  7. Automated or triggered emails

  8. Responsive email design

Specifically, we do a deep dive on those first four trends in this webinar. Along the way, we share Oracle CX Marketing Consulting client stories and talk about how Oracle technology can help brands make the most of these email marketing trends in 2020. Let’s focus on the trends that are most worth your time and resources.

We hope you enjoyed “The Highest Impact Email Marketing Trends of 2020.” Our other on-demand webinars include:

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