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What is Content Marketing

It is only very recently that content marketing was on the radar of most professional service firms. Historically, these firms focus on producing content that is specific to their organization and is sales-oriented. Today, more companies are producing content that is valuable and interesting to a larger target audience. Let’s get back to basics to see what Content Marketing really is and how it helps you. First, here’s the traditional content marketing model that most people use – 

The Content Marketing Model


  • Create blog posts, articles, whitepapers, videos, and books on topics/issues relevant to your target audiences.
  • Promote the content through social media, trade show, conferences and other presentations.
  • Convert readers by allowing them to access information freely and, in the case of the most substantial content, in exchange for providing the contact information, for example their email address and phone number..
  • Engage through phone consultations, assessments, and demonstrations. All along, you continue to demonstrate your firm’s knowledge and expertise with the goal of moving to the stage where the reader is willing to engage you financially.

The goal (and value) of the content marketing model is to build trust and engagement—one step at a time. Focus on topics and issues that are important to your target audiences—those buyers and influencers that you encounter during the business development process.