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What is Facebook Reach means – Social Media

Evolution Point - Social Media #socialmedia expertsSomeone asked me what is Facebook reach means and what it is used for. In case you don’t know, Facebook reach is one of the metrics that you can find when you log in as an administrator to your Facebook page. Facebook defines reach as the number of unique Facebook users who see your updates. 

To see your page’s reach, go to Facebook Insights and look at your page’s Reach report. You’ll be able to see how your reach is improving over time..

Reach is generally influenced by one or more of the following actions:

  1. You post content to your Facebook page. Facebook calls this organic reach. This is where you, as an administrator, posts interesting and useful content on your page to generate traffic.
  2. Facebook users take action on that update (like, comment, share), which creates a story in their friends’ news feeds. Facebook calls this viral reach. This is the metrics that determines user engagement and how people respond to you.
  3. You send visitors to that update using your own marketing channels. An example would be linking to a specific Facebook update in your email marketing newsletter. This also falls within organic reach.
  4. You buy reach with Facebook ads. Facebook offers a variety of ad options, including boosts and targeting custom audiences. Facebook calls this paid reach. Obviously, Facebook needs to make money somehow, right?

Obviously, all four actions are interrelated. As an example, you may publish content (organic reach) that your fans react to, friends of those fans will see that content (viral reach). If you decide an update is worthy of a Facebook ad, then the ad creates paid reach.

The more kinds of reach you generate with an update, the more people see that update. Why is this important? Well, the reach determines how Facebook push your status updates to the news feeds of people who LIKE you. So depending on how good your reach is, will determine how often people see your status on their feeds. 

Therefore it is imperative you understand what actions determine Facebook reach. After all, the whole point of a business having a Facebook page is to be social, and social requires you to be seen.