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Evolution Point is a Chicago vertical marketing agency which specializes in brand strategy, product launches, interactive web development, social media, search engine marketing, lead generation and nurturation.

Other marketing agencies create "Marketing." We create revenue and sales. Anyone can create a beautiful product brochure or develop the slickest website, but without an idea and a relevant strategy, it means nothing. We believe that longevity and differentiation in the marketplace will always come down to the most unique idea with the smartest marketing strategy.

Once you’ve got a marketing strategy, you’ve got to communicate it clearly. What's your voice? What do you say and when? What does this look like? Evo can help you express your idea with succinct brand messaging and creative design so that you connect with your audience most effectively. We will also assist you with finding the right communication channels for you, including the use of social media and other trending technologies.

The web, direct mail, rich media, pay-per-click, digital billboards, ads, kiosks, CD roms, viral marketing videos, social media, blogs, search marketing... the list is endless. With over 15 years epxerience as one of the top marketing agencies in Chicago and a knowledge base that involves deep print development and interactive web development, Evolution Point can help you create and produce the communication tools you need.

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Marketing Strategy

We always start with a solid, well-grounded marketing strategy. Let us formulate a strategy that works for you.


Logo / Identity Systems and Print Collateral

We develop beautiful logos, identity systems and print collateral that provide a lasting impression and represent your company accurately.


Branding, Messaging and Design

Based on your marketing strategy, we will assist you with positioning and branding your products and services that clearly differentiates you from your competitors.


Web Implementation

Your website has become the hub of your user engagement. Is is sufficiently mobilized? Does it cater to your primary demographic?


Mobile App Development

Need a mobile app that ties in with your brand and company strategy? Look no further with our expertise in web apps and native app development.


Tradeshow Support

Most companies use trade shows as their primary means of outreach. Make your presence known by standing out among other exhibitors.


Search Marketing

We have been more helping our clients with their search ranking since 2001. Let our success and experience be your guide.


Social Media

What’s the most effective way of engaging your audience? How do you measure effectiveness? Do you know? We do!


Lead Generation

You would love to measure your marketing dollars with sales. And now you can! By helping you generate and nurture leads, and converting them into clients.

Need a solid marketing agency you can count on? Look no further!

Evolution Point is a full-service marketing agency with a rich history and legacy of helping our clients succeed. Here are some of our clear differentiation:

Why choose us?

  • For any project, big or small, we invest deeply in our clients by discovering our clients’ history, culture, objectives and vision. It is with this investment that we are able to partner effectively with our clients.
  • We take a holistic, top-down approach to any project, starting with discovering or developing a overarching brand strategy.
  • We believe in measuring results.  We identify success factors up front and track the success of the project against those factors.
  • We are highly approachable. Our small agile team allows us to respond to changing conditions quickly and effectively. We are also flexible and adapt to working in any process that our clients are comfortable with.

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