BetaLED Product Launch Case Study

BetaLED is Beta Lighting, Inc.’s first foray into the LED lighting market. They believe that LED-based lighting is the future. However, as the LED lighting industry then was still young and unproven, manufacturing of the LED-based lighting fixtures was expensive and in its infancy at best.

BetaLED is one of the first (if not the first) company that is able to produce a line of exterior LED fixtures that is built from the ground up, as oppose to providing retrofits like their competitors. They have the advantage of being the first movers and want to claim the name recognition that only first movers can make.

How Evolution Point Enhanced the BetaLED Product Launch

The BetaLED line was introduced to the public during the Lightfair International trade show. Evolution Point was proud to assist in this launch by providing the marketing support that they needed, including the creation of copy style-guides for the brand, design and implementation of their product website, development of their online energy savings calculator as a lead generation tool, design of the direct mail promotional pieces, and development of an interactive touch-screen kiosk to educate users on this new technology.

The Result: Brand Recognition

We are excited to prove that the product launch was a tremendous success, in providing the brand recognition for BetaLED, as well as in the number of sales orders in the first year of launch.