Collaborynth: Application Development

The concept for Collaborynth is simple – allow media companies to post their video creation projects to a vetted list of content creators, and then award the project directly to the selected content creator based on their talent. The outcome of crowd-sourcing content production allows the company to save an estimated 10%-30% of production cost as compared to using a traditional creative agency. The savings is very tangible for consumer brands since some of these companies create hundreds of videos annually for TV advertising, social media and training.

Evolution Point has been integral in coming up with concept, process flow and development of the web-based application for our client all within a time frame of 9 months. During the beta launch of the application, Sears and Kmart warmly embraced the use of Collaborynth as they recognized immediate cost-savings of  1/3 of their normal production cost within the first 4 months of use.

After the launch of the application, Evolution Point developed an accompanying mobile application for Collaborynth that allows content creators to be notified and respond to new projects.

Collaborynth Web Dashboard

As a video speaks louder than words, here’s a simplified overview on how the application works. The application is developed in ASP.Net.

Collaborynth iOS / Android App

Here’s a demonstration on how the Android / iOS application works. The application is developed in Ionic AngularJS.