goroo Trip Planner – iPhone App Development

goroo® is a multi-modal trip planner for Chicago and its metropolitan region. It was developed by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) and utilizes the services of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra, and Pace.

RTA Trip Planner Chicago: How Evolution Point improved the app

Evo enhanced the features of goroo by developing a mobile application that allows users to check the next train or bus using their iPhone. This on-demand utility provides real-time information of the next few trains or buses that are available to users, thereby allowing users to plan their schedule accordingly.

RTA goroo app

We have assisted the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) of Illinois with goroo by:

  • Doing a name search for the new service and recommending the brand name, “goroo”.
  • Creating the logo and identity system for goroo
  • Developing a strategic search marketing plan and also executing the search engine optimization of goroo.com
  • Developing the iPhone application for goroo

RTA goroo Trip Planner Development

This is the result set based on the selection. The result set is pulled on-demand in real-time from the goroo centralized server. This allows any changes to the schedule to be reflected immediately on the iPhone application. The application also allows a user to email the result set to an email address.

goroo Interface – CTA Train Selection

This screen displays when the user selects the CTA Train as the mode of transport. It asks the user to pick the train line. Once the line is picked, the web service calls to goroo’s centralize server to pull in the relevant stations for that line. If the goroo centralize server has been updated to display (for example) station closures due to construction, the station would not be available for selection.

goroo iPhone App Development – Schedule Changes

The schedule changes depending on it is a weekday, weekend or holiday. The mobile application automatically determines whether you are searching on a weekday, weekend or a public holiday and displays the schedule accordingly, making the application relevant to the specific time.

RTA Trip Planner Chicago – Train Data Visualizaton

Note that by picking a destination station, the application only pulls in the train schedules that stops at that station. There are many occasions where a train runs on express, and may pass some stations. This mobile application has the intelligence to pull only the trains that stops at the selected destination.