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5 Common Web Design and Web Development mistakes – Thinking You are a Web Designer or Web Developer

Every business must have an internet presence. In fact, some may say that every person requires an internet presence (personal branding). Whether you are a business owner who likes to undertake their own web development, a high level web developer working for a company or an agency, a freelancing web development gun for hire, or an enthusiastic web amateur, you may fall prey to various mistakes when developing your web site.

Mistakes often do happen, errors can be corrected, and false steps can be undone. It may surprise you to learn that these critical mistakes are quite common and yet easy to avoid. 

3. Thinking You are a Web Designer or Web Developer

We run into this issue with many of our clients. Because the internet has become so ubiquitous, everyone thinks that they know how good web design or web development should work. When we provide design options for our clients, no matter how forward thinking they think they are, they tend to go with the most conservative, bland design option.

There are many unseen factors that an experienced web designer puts into every design which may not always be clearly articulated. There are reasons why design elements go where they go. Inevitably, our clients would question our design and supersede our design decisions.

How do you avoid this?

It’s simple – have some faith in the web designer than you hire. You hired the web designer or web developer for a reason.  Let them do their job and have some faith in their abilities. It’s better to allow a graphic designer the freedom to work on your eye candy.  For all you know, the design that you hate today is something that you love tomorrow. Give the web design a chance to breath and settle in your mind.


5 Common Mistakes in Web Design and Web Development 

1. Reinventing the Wheel
2. Not determining a clear call to action
3. Thinking You are a Web Designer or Web Developer

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