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5 Common Web Design and Web Development mistakes – Thinking Your Web Designer Understands

Every business must have an internet presence. In fact, some may say that every person requires an internet presence (personal branding). Whether you are a business owner who likes to undertake their own web development, a high level web developer working for a company or an agency, a freelancing web development gun for hire, or an enthusiastic web amateur, you may fall prey to various mistakes when developing your web site.

Mistakes often do happen, errors can be corrected, and false steps can be undone. It may surprise you to learn that these critical mistakes are quite common and yet easy to avoid. 

4. Thinking Your Web Designer Understands

This runs contrary to the last point. You want to hire the best web designer. You choose the web designer because of her design style and aesthetics. But your web designer don’t know about your business and your customers as well as you do. This is true whether it is your own business or you are working for a major corporation. You know you understand what’s required, but does the designer to whom you outsourced the visual end of things?

How to avoid it?
Every time you hire a web designer based on their portfolio, you are hiring them because you like their work. The question is whether their web design style and aesthetics consistent with your company’s brand? You can avoid this conflict by asking any web developer or web designer their web development process. If their process does not include enough time for discovery about your company, your brand or the overall marketing strategy, you can be sure that the web design and implementation will be deprived of those key elements. Know their process and see if they care enough to find out about you!


5 Common Mistakes in Web Design and Web Development 

1. Reinventing the Wheel
2. Not determining a clear call to action
3. Thinking You are a Web Designer or Web Developer
4. Thinking Your Web Designer Understands

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