Waldmann Lighting


Waldmann Lighting Case Study

Waldmann Lighting is a high-end, technology-forward light fixture manufacturer. Their corporate office is based in Germany. However, the U.S. affiliate quickly realized that the German brand and message does not resonate with the American audiences that they are trying to attract. The Waldmann brand messaging in Germany is focused on technology, manufacturing processes and quality control. However, the American audience, specifically architects who recommends light fixtures for their projects, are not too excited about those attributes. They are more concerned about style, form and function. Therefore, the original Waldmann brand messaging is disconnected with the American target audience.

How Evolution Point Enhanced the Waldmann Lighting Brand

Evolution Point is brought in to correct this disconnect. We achieved this by:

  • Re-doing their brand strategy and messaging
  • Designing and developing a new website, user interface and site architecture
  • Promoting their new brand
  • Creating a new promotional video specifically for the American audience
  • Assisting with trade show efforts


The Result: Brand Recognition

We are excited to prove that the new branding and promotion has effectively changed how architects view Waldmann Lighting’s products. Waldmann Lighting’s extensive list of products can be found in offices, medical facilities and industrial shop floors.