What You Need to Know About Photo Ionization PID Gas Detectors

Photo ionization gas detectors work by detecting changes in the molecular structure of a gas. Photo ionization gas detectors use ultraviolet light to ionize any molecule in the air into a charged ion. These charged ions are then detected by a photo tube or ion sensitive electronics. Photo ionization gas detectors are the best gas […]

Floor Task Lights

The primary purpose of task floor lamps is to aid or enhance your ability to do the activities that you wish to do. They tend to have unobtrusive designs that emphasize a few characteristic features. The heads or diffusers are often adjustable, and tend to throw precisely-directed beams to reduce spillage and glare.  The character […]

What are Lighting Design Downlights?

Downlights are a great fuss-free, space-saving option. These inconspicuous LED lights are perfect for delivering full-room lighting to any space, task lighting over work areas, and highlighting architectural features of a room or a new piece of artwork. No matter the task, downlights are sure to provide a nice blend to any room. A great […]