Evolution Point #GiveBackFridays – We are offering FREE SEO search engine optimization service (audit and clean up) to help. Get ranked higher on search engines.

We want to do our part in helping people who are affected by the pandemic. We realized that we are not medical personnel and we are not manufacturers. However, we can assist others by doing what we do best – assist businesses with their online visibility – (getting found on the web, getting ranked on Google search engine, and improving your seo search engine optimization).

Now, more than ever, as cities are in lockdown and social distancing is a norm,  your website needs to do more for your business to increase sales. We can help with that. We have been doing it for over a decade.

Here is a chart of the first 30 days of website traffic for one of our smaller clients after we optimized their website in March.

The number of clicks from Google to the website is about 55 / day when we started, and now it peaked at 342 / day, a whopping 500%+ increase in click-throughs in a month. Admittedly, this result is not typical in most cases.

Here’s what we are offering for FREE.

  • Free audit of your website. If you haven’t already, use our free website audit tool here.
  • Free no-obligation consultation over the phone after we reviewed your audit.
  • Free keyword research of your top 5 keywords.
  • Free clean up of your home page for search optimization. *
  • Free submission to Google for indexing. **

* We need access to your website.
** We need access to your Google analytics.

In order to maintain our sanity in the process, we have to impose some limitations:

  • UPDATE: We started offering this since March 2020 and found that some people really benefitted from it. So we are extending it until we decided to stop. However, we are only limiting to 5 websites per month.
  • The offer is not open to our present clientele (sorry! But feel free to refer your friends).
  • We are only optimizing for the US market.
  • We have the first right of refusal – meaning, we may choose not do so for any reason. Mostly because we may be swamped.
  • There’s no guarantee that your website will be ranked after the effort (no one can, and no one should).  We have no control over how Google ranks a website. We can only make your website attractive to Google. Needless to say we are pretty good at it. We have been successfully doing this for over a decade.
  • Don’t be a jerk. We are helping you for free. Be kind, be nice, be understanding and we will do our best for you.

Let us know if we can help by filling in the form, or sending us an email at info@evolutionpoint.com , or calling us directly at 312.733.7380.

Be Healthy and Stay Safe.