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How to grow your social media presence – tip #2

Social media. It’s on every marketer’s mind, but no one really knows who to make it succeed cost-effectively. For many, it seems like an endless  effort with nebulous results. Businesses often fail in their social media efforts because there is no structure or commitment. There are no immediate results , or the goal ends up being more difficult to attain than previously thought, the effort goes by the wayside and forgotten.  Very few people can simply choose to be active in social media and stick with it.

Like most marketing efforts, social media requires a strategy and a clearly defined implementation plan. So here are some pointers to help you keep to the plan –

#2: Find The Right Social Medium

If you’re just getting your business’s social media efforts up and running, part of creating your plan revolves around seeing what resources you already have. Do you have a fanbase already using your products? Have they been tweeting about it? Posting videos of it?

Search for your business on sites like Yelp. Thank customers for their good reviews, and apologize to customers who gave bad reviews. You could turn that bad experience into a loyal customer and a better review.

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