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How to grow your social media presence – tip #3

Social media. It’s on every marketer’s mind, but no one really knows who to make it succeed cost-effectively. For many, it seems like an endless  effort with nebulous results. Businesses often fail in their social media efforts because there is no structure or commitment. There are no immediate results , or the goal ends up being more difficult to attain than previously thought, the effort goes by the wayside and forgotten.  Very few people can simply choose to be active in social media and stick with it.

Here is a set of daily tips to help you achieve “the plan”. 


Every social media plan needs to start out the same way, with a commitment to the long haul and a focus on the basics like interaction and content. But once your presence is established and your users are engaged, you’re free to open things up to experimentation. If you’ve built a solid fan following on Facebook, create and install some custom apps on your page, start posting videos on YouTube or interact more frequently by hopping on Twitter. Try things out for a few months, and then go back and see how they’ve performed for you.

Not every platform will be a fit, so if your business isn’t performing well on one for an extended period of time, don’t be afraid to pull the plug and explore different options.