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Marketing Automation Tips – Communicate With Your Sales Team

Marketing Automation Tips – Communicate And Educate Your Sales Team


Marketing Automation Tip - Education and Communicate With Your Sales TeamThis is an on-going series on tips on how making your marketing automation work more efficiently and effectively. As I get more tips and hints, I will post it in this thread. Today’s tip – 



Communicate and Educate Your Sales Team

Marketing automation affects the processes you have put in place and the agreements you have with your sales team, so you need to have a conversation. For example:

  • Will marketing automation change the way leads are assigned?
  • Will marketing automation take the places of sales outreach for inbound leads? If so, when and how? Come to an agreement on what will happen.
  • How will Marketing partner with Sales to create customized drip marketing programs?

You’ll have many more questions to answer, and the discussion will be different for every company.

Make sure you do your homework before rolling out marketing automation, because your sales team will have a ton of questions, and they will be looking to you for answers, even if you don’t have them yet!