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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques – Know Your Competition

This is part of a series of short blogs on different organic search ranking techniques we use to increase our clients’ website visibility. Hopefully it would help you with optimizing your website. As always, if you have questions or would like us to assist you with improving and maintaining your organic search rankings, contact us!

Quite often, when you start optimizing your website, you look at what you have to offer and optimize keywords that lead to your offers. You need take it one step further by also searching those products and services that you offer, and note the most prominent websites in the search results. It is likely that some of these websites may share your business model, while others are more dissimilar to yours, but still compete for the same keyword search.

In the case where you have strong online competitors but with dissimilar business models, it might be better looking for long tail keywords which are more appropriate for your business.  There is no point in trying to optimize keywords which you have little chance of winning, AND still not able to get the appropriate audience when you do.

Look at your competitors, check your chosen keywords, find better options which are less competitive and more appropriate, repeat.

Do this until you finalize a set of keywords which are viable to win, appropriate for your target audience, then put in the hard work to optimize your website. It is always better to work smarter, not harder.