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Strategies to convince clients to utilize social media

Convincing companies and clients to invest in social media can be difficult. Most companies are more comfortable with tried and true marketing methods of the past, and they can be reluctant to try the newest promotional techniques made possible by advances in technology, such as social media. However, there are many benefits in using social media as a marketing channel. Here are the general benefits that we like to highlight in selling social media services

1. Social media is cheaper than most other marketing methods

Many businesses thrive while using social media, all without spending much money at all. Only a few promotional techniques yield a higher return on investment (ROI). Most of the costs of using social media involve up-front cost of design and implementation.

The most popular social media platforms today, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, are free to use. The biggest investment is time, effort and the willingness to dive enthusiastically into the new marketing channel. Building up a successful online network requires time; but once a company gains some traction, things often take off and grow quickly.

2. Social media results are measurable

Like search marketing, tracking social media marketing results is quite relatively easy. The success of a campaign can be measured by the number of fans, shares, followers, likes, and additional website visitors it generates. All of those can directly relate to increased sales and leads as well.

You can also monitor the keywords associated with a business or brand across the Internet, at any time, as they are discussed by consumers. Reporting those results to older business owners is a great way to convince them of the value of social media as a marketing tool.

3. Social media is essential

In the past, having a social media presence was beneficial but not something that most businesses were doing. Today, things have changed. Businesses that are not using social media are not only missing out on an opportunity but also sustaining damage because of their absence. Contrasting competitor’s social media efforts is often enough to interest potential clients in getting started in social media.

4. Social media is powerful

Many companies do not fully realize the power of an online social network. Web users today are conditioned to share. When something entertains, educates, or inspires them, Web users are very likely to share that content with their own networks. That can be described as the domino effect of social media.

Most companies may assume that they are only as big as their network, but their influence can also spread to the networks of those in their network. That idea is powerful, and it is a huge selling point.

5. Social media content lives on forever

Yet another benefit to marketing online via social media is that content shared on the Internet usually lives on forever, unlike a one-time advertising campaign that takes place… and then is forgotten. Every piece of information shared by a business via social media is archived. Each interaction that businesses have with potential or current customers can be seen and referenced publicly for years. That is why businesses must be diligent in their social media campaigns. As long as a certain level of momentum is maintained, online social networks continue to grow and become more effective marketing tools over time.