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Strategies to promote your online videos – Tip #1

Online videos should be an essential part of every business’s online marketing strategy. With the ever-growing myriad of technologies, the cost of producing and hosting an effective online video has been steadily dropping. As a result, online videos had become a useful tool in cutting through the clutter and promoting brand awareness.

Everyone wants their video to go viral, and there is no formula for creating such a blockbuster. However, here are some tips and strategies which may potentially put the marketing video in front of as many people as possible.

1.    Create sharable marketing videos.

Forget everything people had said about “quality content”. Videos are shared not only because it has quality content, but also because it is compelling and makes people want to share them. Typical characteristics of a sharable compelling marketing video include:

  • Viral videos are typically short. It is by no coincidence that YouTube allows only short videos to be uploaded (typically around 5 minutes).  Like web content, no one wants to spend the time watching a long 20 minute video. The average attention span is about 8 seconds, according to the Associated Press, and the average length watched of a single online video is about 2.7 minutes.
  • Viral videos are funny. People like to laugh. Your video will be more accepted if it is humorous, quirky and funny.
  • Viral videos are tied to current events and trends. This is similar to the chats around the water cooler in the office. People are more interested if the topics are current and relevant at the time of the discussion. So if you have an opportunity, make the marketing videos tie to a current event.
  • Viral videos are useful. This is a debatable point about viral videos. Most viral videos tend not be very informative. However, for marketing, it needs to be useful otherwise the video is not effective, so why do it at all? Make the video solve a problem that people are seeking. And if the problem is painful and affects many people, the video will be shared widely.

In summary, 5 tips to promote your online marketing video:
Tip 1 – Create sharable marketing videos
More coming soon!