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Strategies to promote your online videos – Tip #4

Online videos should be an essential part of every business’s online marketing strategy. With the ever-growing myriad of technologies, the cost of producing and hosting an effective online video has been steadily dropping. As a result, online videos had become a useful tool in cutting through the clutter and promoting brand awareness.

Everyone wants their video to go viral, and there is no formula for creating such a blockbuster. However, here are some tips and strategies which may potentially put the marketing video in front of as many people as possible.

4.    Optimize the video for search

It is true that search engines cannot crawl through your videos to determine the content of the video (today). However, make it easy for search engines by optimizing the titles, descriptions and tags for the video. Also you can compound this by creating a unique page on your website for each video and optimize the web page using putting a fuller description of the video there. You may also want to include the text transcript of the audio portion of the video. 


In summary, 5 tips to promote your online marketing video:
Tip 1 – Create sharable marketing videos
Tip 2 – Promote the video to existing clients and contacts
Tip 3 – Make your video as easy to share as possible
Tip 4 – Optimize the video for search
One more tip coming up!