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Suggestions for Converting Social Media to Sales – Act Now!

Similar to other marketing efforts, we like to convert the social media efforts into tangible sales. Here are some suggestions to include with your social media campaign which may bring in better sales conversion 

#2: Encourage your audience to ACT NOW! 

Due to the real-time information of most social media platforms, you have a very limited amount of time to catch the attention of your customers/fans/followers. If they see an update with verbiage that compels them to act immediately, you win. Like every advertiser knows, it is important that your audience act now!

Using words like “For a limited time” or “On sale this week” or “Be the first 20 people” will catch the eye of your visitors.

You can also offer incentives for booking or buying immediately instead of later. Depending on your business, you could waive shipping fees, offer an extra week of your service or even a buy-one/get-one, etc. Ideally, post different time-sensitive offers on different networks.

For example, “The next 10 people who retweet this will receive 10% off their next purchase.” On Facebook you could use an app to make an offer like, “The first 10 people to share this on Facebook get $25 off a $50 purchase,” and so on.

Here’s an example of Old Navy uses their Facebook to connect and offer a limited-time deal.