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5 Common Web Design and Web Development mistakes – Not Determining a Call to Action

Every business must have an internet presence. In fact, some may say that every person requires an internet presence (personal branding). Whether you are a business owner who likes to undertake their own web development, a high level web developer working for a company or an agency, a freelancing web development gun for hire, or an enthusiastic web amateur, you may fall prey to various mistakes when developing your web site.

Mistakes often do happen, errors can be corrected, and false steps can be undone. It may surprise you to learn that these critical mistakes are quite common and yet easy to avoid. 

2. Not determining a clear call to action for the website visitors

What is the one thing that you want your visitors to do when they get to your site? The truth is, only a tiny fraction of your visitors will do what you want them do. In the internet world, a 2-5% conversion rate is considered good. Think about it, 2 out of 100 visitors. 

You need to define a clear goal for your visitors. Here are some examples that we use during website development and implementation – 

  • If it’s a service business and you want your visitors to call you, you might want to put the phone number on the top navigation.
  • If yours is an e-commerce business: you may want to impress them with your most popular product or your most amazing sale from the get go.
  • If you have a blog or newsletter, you may want to encourage them to sign up or opted into the mailing list.
  • If you want to gain search ranking, you may want to add a Facebook LIKE button and get them to like your page.

Once you are clear about what you want your visitors to do, you can then design every single page, and the navigational structure of your web site to achieve that objective.


5 Common Mistakes in Web Design and Web Development 

1. Reinventing the Wheel
2. Not determining a clear call to action

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