April 20, 2016

Ways To Promote Your Company LinkedIn Profile – Consistent branding

Many companies have created company LinkedIn profiles to promote their company. What are some of the things to be aware of to be more effective on LinkedIn?  Keep Your Company Brand Consistent There are two primary visuals to be aware of on your LinkedIn company page: your company logo, which should be consistent on all websites...
March 14, 2016

6 Most Effective SEO Strategies for 2016

Here is a really interesting infographic by to demonstrate the 6 most effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies in 2016. Most of them are of no surprise, but what is useful is the list of tips and tools that you can use to improve each of those strategies. Evolution Point uses some of...
October 1, 2015

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips – YouTube Video Optimization

Tip #12: Optimizing for YouTube Videos For the last few blog entries, we have been providing a lot of tips on how to optimize your website. Today, let's switch gears to look at optimizing for YouTube videos. Like search optimizing for websites and web pages, search optimizing for YouTube videos has many facets to them....