How a medical device exposes the algorithm.

Hey Rankers! Apologies for my scattered videos at the moment. Too busy making money for our clients. Wanted to talk to you about one of our long-term clients, Rapid Test Systems, which has taken a hit. In light of recent events we’re not going to chase rankings for Rapid Test, rather double-down on their brand. […]

How a testing model is driving SEAT and CUPRA’s search marketing performance

“Will we ever be able to put search marketing strategy in the driver’s seat?” This is almost every search marketer’s dilemma as the community continues to remain at the mercy of Google’s algorithms and updates. SEAT S.A, the Barcelona-based multinational automaker part of the Volkswagen group have innovated a testing model that is driving growth […]

Time is money. Fail fast.

All your efforts should be directed at your shoppers. Content marketing to improve SEO is a complete waste of time and resources. You’ll end up attracting heaps of traffic that are seeking information, not products to purchase. This will kill your organic ECR. Everything you add to your site should be in the best interests […]