Five things you need to know about content optimization in 2023

30-second summary: As the content battleground goes through tremendous upheaval, SEO insights will continue to grow in importance ChatGPT can help content marketers get an edge over their competition by efficiently creating and editing high-quality content Making sure your content rank high enough to engage the target audience requires strategic planning and implementation Google is […]

ChatGPT won’t take jobs. It will destroy markets.

Welcome back Rankers! AI is still the topic of choice for most industries, so I’ll follow up last week’s video and tell you how we’re using it for both ourselves and for our clients. The fear is that AI will take people’s jobs, but I think it will shake up certain markets as opposed to […]

How To Create A B2B Search Marketing Strategy

Creating a B2B Search Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Winning B2B Search Marketing Strategy
Many companies make the mistake of jumping into Search Marketing without a coherent plan. This is always a mistake, as search engines’ algorithms are shifty and don’t suffer fools. The key is to begin with a strong base that will provide you with the best path to success. Here are five blocks to build a winning foundation for a high-converting strategy.