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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management, Content Management System, or CMS refers to a system that is used to modify information to and from a website’s database. In relation to the Internet, a CMS is a system that is used to maintain the content of a website through a centralized back-end administrative control panel.A comprehensive CMS allows site owners to manage all of the content on every webpage, including text, images, links, forms, lists, and more.

Evolution Point has been building CMS systems since inception. Today, the advantages of using a CMS to implement our client’s website far outweighs the incremental cost associated with its development. As a result, we have been encouraging all our clients to use a CMS system as part of the project development.

Even though we will use any CMS of our clients’ choice, our preferred CMS software is DotNetNuke. There are several reasons for using this platform, the most important being that it is an open-source platform with strong solid support by many well-establiashed companies.

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Spring Green Lawn Care (content management system / ecommerce)

Spring Green Lawn Care (content management system / ecommerce)

Spring Green Lawn Care is a franchise-based company that provides lawn services to residential properties. As part of their service to franchisees, Spring Green corporate wanted to modify their website to include a user-defined e-commerce component. The website must not only allow franchisees to update their own information, but also their service offerings. In essence, the website was to become a portal that allows different content managers to update their portion of the website and has an integrated e-commerce component. This posed a big challenge for As part of a larger project, Evo modified Spring-Green’s website to allow franchisees to enter their information into a content management system. The content management system (CMS) is also wrapped around the e-commerce component so that franchisees can administer their content and e-commerce service offerings in the Spring-Green website seamlessly.

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Lake County Housing Authority (multi-lingual content management system)

Lake County Housing Authority (multi-lingual content management system)

The Lake County Housing Authority administers several rent assistance programs to meet the housing needs of their rental participants.They also administer the public housing program in the county of Lake. One of the challenges the housing authority faces is how to utilize the website as a viable tool to serve their constituents in the most cost effective way possible.

Evo developed their website on an open-source platform, DotNetNuke. Using the platform, we are able to develop the entire website on a content management system (CMS) that would allow the organization to update their own content at will. We also incorporate a property listing function, an event calendar and several other features within the content management system framework.

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LiquidSky (content management system / user interface design)

LiquidSky (content management system / user interface design)

LiquidSky’s application matches directors and production facilities with advertising agencies on a global scale.

The third party content management system that was being used by LS was strong technically but was extremely weak when it came to usability. We needed to create a Request for Proposal application that integrated seamlessly with content management system framework. We developed a UI that made a complex process easy to understand and use. We built a database-driven application that integrated the CMS software into a usable solution. LS has raved about the user interface and the ease with which the application works.

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Smartbox Portable Storage - Chicago (Joomla Content Management System / Search Marketing)

Smartbox Portable Storage - Chicago (Joomla Content Management System / Search Marketing)

Evo was asked to update Smartbox Chicago's website to be more appealing and more SEO-friendly. The issue was that the website is built on a Joomla CMS system controlled by Smartbox corporate franchise. Our control over the website was very limited. However, we were still able to optimize the Chicago franchise part of the website for word density, and win the identified key phrases for the website. We are also able to keep the framework that Smartbox corporate has provided, and maintain the overall corporate brand.

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