What’s New at Evolution Point?

We have been re-thinking about how we disseminate news. More important, we have been thinking about how people digest information in today’s fast mobile world. In the end, we realized that as consumers we digest information in the following ways –

  • We get our information in small chunks. We don’t spend a lot of time reading a lot of material. We tend to skim through small bits of information throughout the day in small digestible chunks. Hence the reason why Twitter is so popular. All information in less than 140 characters!
  • We get our information continually. We don’t set time to sit down and read information. We get our information as and when we can. We spend a lot of time online every day throughout the day just consuming information, whether we realize it or not. One study estimates that we roughly consume about 34GB of data a day!
  • We get our information when we need them. With the advent of mobile devices, we tend to only want our information presented to us at the moment that we need them. We don’t store or shelf much information. We search for it at the moment when we need that information.

The realization of this results in how we decide to disseminate news about Evolution Point. Instead of putting up news articles on our website, we decide to disseminate news using several methods.

  • First, our blogs. There are a lot of relevant tips that we publish on our blogs on strategic marketing, web development, web design, social media and search engine marketing.
  • Second, our social media networks. Follow us on Twitter. We announce anything that we put up on this website. LIKE our Facebook, we post information up there as well. And if you REALLY want to have a online discussion about strategic marketing, web development, web design, social media and search engine marketing, +1 us on Google+.
  • Third, our newsletter. If you like having something to read in non-real-time fashion, you should sign up for our newsletter. We don’t send out newsletters that often – maybe one series a year based on our history. So sign up for our newsletter and you can opt-out if you are not interested in the topic of the year.
  • Finally, our news. Yes, we just spent the entire time talking about why we don’t generate news articles any more. However, it still does serve a purpose. It helps us consolidate all related bits of information from our blogs and social media into a single place.

There you have it! Our news – any way you want it, just the way you like it.