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Creating effective videos for online marketing

We don’t really talk much about using online videos as a marketing tool, but we should. Recently we had a client asking us to do a series of training videos which we intend to use to assist them with their brand marketing and search marketing. Here are some pointers to look for when creating these videos. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

1.    Keep it simple.

Making things simple is complicated. It is much harder to say less effectively than to say more. Creating an effective marketing video isn’t always simple, but the content within it should be. The purpose of the video should convey one clear marketing message. To ensure that the message is conveyed effectively, you should keep on-screen graphics, animations and lengthy dialog to a minimum.

The point is that the audience should be able to take away one key marketing message from each video. If you need to have several messages conveyed, just make several videos, which will help you with pointer #2. 

2.    Keep it short.

Always keep the marketing video short. Online videos need to be short to retain the attention of the audience. Unlike training seminars, online marketing videos need to be in snippets. Ideally, you would like your video to be less than 5 minutes. In fact, it must be less than 5 minutes if you want the video to be posted on YouTube.

Keeping the marketing video short is easier if you have one clear message to bring across. So when you create a marketing video, make sure that each video just have one clear marketing or branding message that needs to be conveyed.

3.    Keep up with technology.

It is much easier to optimize text than with video. As a result, it is important to keep up with how Google and other search engines index their videos. When you post your marketing videos online, make sure you tag your videos effectively with the correct keywords. This will ensure that the video will be indexed correctly and the appropriate audience finds you, which bring up to pointer #4.

4.    Keep it relevant.

Obviously, getting the right audience is the video is not the only concern. You need to provide content which is appropriate, relevant and interesting. This will help promote the video to go viral in through different social media channels.

There are three basic reasons why people would watch a video – information, education and entertainment. It is always more difficult to entertain an audience even though most viewers watch videos for entertainment. However, as a marketing tool, it is more important for the video to educate and to inform. You need to ask the question – how is the video making my audience more knowledgeable of my expertise?

5.    Keep focusing on your audience.

Always remember who your audience are and what you are trying to do. By keeping the audience demographic in mind, it helps you create the most effective marketing video for your company. Your audience will determine the tone of the video, the content that needs to be in the video, and how the way the content is presented.