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Strategies to promote your online videos – tip #5

Online videos should be an essential part of every business’s online marketing strategy. With the ever-growing myriad of technologies, the cost of producing and hosting an effective online video has been steadily dropping. As a result, online videos had become a useful tool in cutting through the clutter and promoting brand awareness.

Everyone wants their video to go viral, and there is no formula for creating such a blockbuster. However, here are some tips and strategies which may potentially put the marketing video in front of as many people as possible.

5. Prepare a promotional plan to share your new videos

As in all things marketing, make sure you have a strategy and plan on how to share and promote the new videos. Promoting your video across social media channels can be a daunting task. However, it won’t be if you have a course of action.

Start with the main networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. More importantly, think about where your audience is residing. If your target audience tends to use Pinterest, you could make screen captures and put it up there. It may not be as effective, but at least it creates exposure for your video. If someone previously asked you about a how-to tutorial, then tweet them @theirusername on Twitter to let them know you just created it. If you mention other people or companies in your video, tweet them or tag them in your Facebook updates. As in all social media assets, the key is user engagement. So getting users involved in the promotion of the marketing video will help the video go viral.

In summary, 5 tips to promote your online marketing video:
Tip 1 – Create sharable marketing videos
Tip 2 – Promote the video to existing clients and contacts
Tip 3 – Make your video as easy to share as possible
Tip 4 – Optimize the video for search
Tip 5 – Prepare a promotional plan to share your new videos