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Suggestions for Converting Social Media to Sales – Use A Clear Call To Action

Like all marketing efforts, we like to think about how to convert the social media efforts into sales. Here are some suggestions to include with your social media campaign which may bring in better sales conversion.

#1: Have a Clear Call to Action in Social Media Campaigns

This should not be a surprise, right? As in everything dealing in marketing, you want to clearly express what you would like to see happen when your audience engages with you. Your customers and fans visit your social media pages for a variety of reasons, but generally speaking, they want to do something or learn something.

Some people are looking for information about your company, some are looking for details about products and services, some want access to special deals and coupons, some want to see if you have any contests or promotions running and some may be looking for expert tips and how-to tricks.

If you don’t give them what they’re after, or if you can’t identify their reason for being in your circle, they won’t return. Use status updates to give them what they want and what you want: a sale.

Post calls to action like “Click here for a Facebook fan exclusive coupon,” or “Enter to win…” Here you see how Best Buy offers daily deals on Twitter.


converting social media to sales by using a clear call to action

But remember the rules of content marketing – most of your page’s content should be information that’s valuable and relevant to your fans; some content may come from other people and only a few should be promotional. It is important to understand your audience. Once you know why your audience wants to interact with you on social media, be sure to give them the types of information they’re looking for.