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Tradeshow Marketing Event Tip #7 – Give Your Attendees Something

Many of our clients use tradeshows as their primary means of outreach. We recognize this importance and have treated every tradeshow as a marketing event that stands on its own. The result is a much more effective and efficient use of tradeshows as a means of communication.

Based on our experience various tradeshows we have attended, managed and participated in, here are some ways to draw tradeshow attendees to your tradeshow booth and engage with them. Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but it is amazing how many exhibitors completely disregarded them.

In this blog, we will discuss Tip #7 – 

Give Your Attendees Something

Your product might be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you still need something to get people into your tradeshow booth. A tchotchke, a spinning wheel, a raffle, a giveaway, something. You need to get people there. Purists will tell you that people don’t come to conventions or trade shows for free stuff or to enter a contest, but the reality is that people love free stuff. Why do you think everybody carries a swag bag? Sure, you may capture some leads that aren’t qualified or don’t match your user demographic precisely, but some of those leads could well turn into customers.

In summary – 

In summary, 8 tips to make your trade show event marketing more effective.
Tip 1 – First impressions are critical
Tip 2 – Have the product available for purchase
Tip 3 – Make sure your presenters know your product 
Tip 4 – Put some effort into your booth 
Tip 5 – Don’t exude misery
Tip 6 – Be in it for the long haul
Tip 7 – Give Your Attendees Something
One more tip coming up!