Suggestions for Converting Social Media to Sales – Act Now!

Similar to other marketing efforts, we like to convert the social media efforts into tangible sales. Here are some suggestions to include with your social media campaign which may bring in better sales conversion  #2: Encourage your audience to ACT NOW!  Due to the real-time information of most social media platforms, you have a very […]

Importance of Brands (even if you are a B2B manufacturer)

Most of Evolution Point’s clients tend to be B2B manufacturers. Whenever we approach a potential client, we like to ask about their selling process and company’s differentiators. Unfortunately, many companies tend to win contracts by being the lowest price producer. The reality is, competing on price is not a sustainable strategy for most businesses; after […]

Strategies to promote your online videos – tip #5

Online videos should be an essential part of every business’s online marketing strategy. With the ever-growing myriad of technologies, the cost of producing and hosting an effective online video has been steadily dropping. As a result, online videos had become a useful tool in cutting through the clutter and promoting brand awareness. Everyone wants their […]