How Email Marketers Can Balance Personalization and Segmentation

Can email marketers balance personalization and segmentation? It’s an intriguing question for those looking to drive conversions with content that’s timely, engaging, relevant, and tailored to meet someone’s specific needs and interests. In some respects, marketers consider the combination of personalization and segmentation their “Mount Everest.” They’re both crucial elements of email marketing. Make the […]

3 Ways Retailers Can Create Authentic Connections and Build Customer Loyalty

Oracle, in partnership with Shaw/Scott and Movable Ink, recently published a three-part whitepaper series titled “Retail Loyalty in the Midst of a Pandemic” that illustrates current conditions and trends that impact consumer behavior and retail loyalty due to COVID-19. The series also introduces measures brands can take right now to foster customer loyalty and maintain […]

3 Advantages of CDP-Based Loyalty Programs

The need for customer data platform (CDP) and loyalty solutions is not a new topic. Yet, many brands might not fully recognize or appreciate the power of CDP and loyalty programs working in tandem. Connecting customer data across all internal systems and front-end interfaces is complex; an inability to do so can result in an underwhelming, fragmented customer experience and, in […]