Evolution Point – a Chicago Marketing Agency

Evolution Point is a full-service marketing agency based in Chicago, IL. What makes us stand out from other Chicago marketing companies is our relentless attention to detail – we take pride in helping our clients succeed in their business. We can execute the marketing strategies that will increase brand awareness and ROI, giving you an invaluable advantage over your competitors.

At Evolution Point we strive to live by the basic tenets of marketing. These include the Four P’s of marketing:

  • Product: Does your product or service have the right features that the customer will respond to?
  • Price: Are you charging the optimal price to the customer?
  • Place (distribution): Is your product or service in the right place at the right time to be consumed by the customer?
  • Promotion: Is your target group aware of your product or service?

Then there are strategies that can be followed within the best practices of marketing:

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire Action)

  • Get Attention
  • Hold Interest
  • Arouse Desire
  • Obtain Action

All of our marketing efforts are derived from these highly effective principles. Examples of our marketing services includes: